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How Zelena’s story proves Swan Queen is endgame



So, earlier today, I talked about how Emma’s questioning and reluctance to let down her walls completely with Regina stem directly from her understanding of the relationship between Snow and Regina. However, I think we all see that Snow is watching Regina closely and seeing and starting to piece together how they both are feeling. Which, if done correctly, still has a ways to go for their complete trust and love.

Now, with the peace between Snow and Regina (which Emma has yet to learn about), the parallels between Snow and Regina keep coming. I just loved the scene where the witch (formerly Regina and now Zelena) is taunting the family member (Snow when it was Regina and Regina when it is Zelena) and the sword is thrown at and through the swirling smoke as the witch disappears.

Now, this also goes along with the earlier parallel where Zelena (originally Regina) interrupted not a wedding or reception (important to both Snow and Charming) but a reception after Neal’s funeral (which is now important to Emma and Henry and so Regina) and said almost word for word what Regina originally said.

Regina’s earlier story is being paralleled into Zelena’s story except Regina was the antagonist to Snow and Charming specifically. Now, we literally see Zelena going after Regina and Emma specifically.

And now she is going after Henry - the child of Regina and Emma. (Where Regina went after Emma - the child of Snow and Charming).

Tell me again how Swan Queen isn’t the new True Love couple?


I have nothing to add to this but this is the most brilliant piece of analysis I was seen yet.

This is why SWEN needs you.  Beautifully worded so that everyone can understand and see that Swan Queen is Endgame. It’s stuff like this is why I said yes to your Tumblr wifey proposal.

This ship sails itself.


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why do people make shit arguments against queer representation by saying things like “the percentage of lgbt people in the population isn’t that high” well neither is the percentage of vampires but we see plenty of them in our media dont we

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Anonymous: 3, 24, 33, 36 :) PS you are awesome.

3) Talk about the person you’ve had the most intense romantic feelings for:  

Without a doubt the person I have had the most intense romantic feelings for would be my current girlfriend.  It was such a quick build up to me falling in love with her and not only did it make me scared and nervous, but it overwhelmed me.  She was a very good friend of mine, and I knew I loved her and cared for her deeply, but after a while I had an “uh oh” moment when I realized that this wasn’t a platonic, friendly love that was building, it was the real, fuzzy, romantic kind.  Eventually, I confessed, and she reciprocated, and now we’ve been together nearly a year and are planning, and slowly building, a life together.  She’s just so perfect and wonderful that I can’t even begin to describe her.  She’s someone that people are drawn to because not only is she gorgeous, but she’s kind and funny, intelligent and witty, creative and passionate, and just completely flawless.  Everything about her feels so right, and so perfect for me that I can’t help but still get butterflies when I think of her being mine.  I love you, baby. 

24) Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot:  

I remember after I graduated from high school my mom told me how proud she was of me, and honestly that was a huge thing for me.  My mom isn’t one to show affection, or congratulate you on a job well done.  It was one of the only times I remember her giving me a compliment and it was a wonderful feeling 

33) Talk about what you do when you are sad:  

When I’m sad I will generally try my best to not be sad, and I’ll end up overcompensating and just making myself look like a fool.  But, when I am overwhelmingly sad, I tend to get angry and so I either go for a long walk and listen to really loud music, or do something creative.  I can tend to some some destructive things if I’m angry and allow it to settle instead of going out and clearing my head. 

36) Talk about your guilty pleasures:

  • Listening to, and loving, 90’s one-hit wonders
  • Eating whole bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs
  • Scrolling through Tumblr while having a bubble bath
  • Binge watching multiple TV Shows on Netflix at once
  • Watching specific shows or movies just because a certain actress is in them

P.S.  Aww, thank you so much, Anon, that’s very sweet of you to say.  You’re pretty awesome yourself! :)

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